Kate Carty

Photography by Finn Rainger

Kate Carty’s first novel, Run Thomas Run, follows the dramatic journey of an Assyrian family on the run from Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime in Iraq. Kate has travelled widely, living and working in England, Turkey and Australia. This novel draws on 20 years’ experience with the Iraqi and Assyrian community. In Turkey in 1990, Kate met three Assyrians – two brothers and a sister – who had fled Iraq and Saddam Hussein. She married one of the brothers and became involved in the lives and culture of Assyrians in Jordan, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Kate holds an MA in Creative Writing from Victoria University, Wellington, and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing from Whitireia. As a journalist she has had lengthy experience on newspapers in New Zealand and Australia.

Carty has had short fiction published in Turbine and in the UK. Run Thomas Run, which is set in the time of Saddam Hussein’s regime and its subsequent collapse, is her first novel.

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