Murder in the Library

LJ Ritchie has been talking crime in the current series of Murder in the Library, running in conjunction with the Ngaio Marsh Awards. So is Like Nobody’s Watching a crime novel? Well it’s certainly a thriller, and if illegal surveillance, cyber bullying etc are crimes, it’s right in there.

Everything is Here … is everywhere

Rob Hack has continued to promote his poetry book Everything is Here in readings and is ‘appearing’ frequently at his local Paekakariki cafe with book held high wearing beret and ironic gaze. (Paekakakariki is about 45km north of Wellington)

As well as recording a couple of his poems for the Kim Hill Christmas Eve show and hearing Kim read one herself, he has read at The Station Sessions on Paekakariki Railway Station, at the Fringe bar in Wellington with blues musician Shayn Wills, and at the Hightide Cafe Paraparaumu Beach.

In February he was asked to read a Dylan song (as a poem) at a Cohen/Dylan musical tribute concert to a packed Paekakariki hall. Using large hand-held cards with song words written on them, he asked the audience to sing along as the tune played on cue… not his poem…not his voice but… ‘he stole the show’ murmured some of the musicians.

Third New Title for 2016

Welcome to Rob Hack, who’s joined the exclusive list of Escalator authors!  Escalator Press is publishing Rob’s first collection of poetry this year, which is an exciting new direction for us.

Rob has lived in Paekakariki  since 2005 after a third attempt to live across the ditch. He has been an insurance salesman, greenkeeper, builder, personal trainer, gym owner, factory hand, gardener, shop assistant etc. and currently works as a handyman to buy second hand poetry books and petrol so he can visit his grandchildren each week.  He’s performed his poems in Kapiti and Wellington for 15 years and hosts a poetry show on Paekakariki radio called ‘Not at the Table: poetry and stuff’.

“These poems are about places, people and events that mattered and still matter in my life.  Initially I wanted to uncover and record my Rarotongan mother’s  early life due to her increasing memory loss and later progressed into writing about the Cook Islands, our Niue Island years, my forays into Australia, poets I admire and a lot of other stuff.”