August Newsletter

Welcome to the August newsletter from Escalator Press. In this issue:

  • A Line of Sight launch report
  • Introducing Book Notes for Book Groups
  • Unveiling the cover for Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder
  • Behind The Scenes with Waitapu and Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder
  • A Line of Sight in the limelight

Launch of A Line of Sight

On 11 June the Whitireia Perfomance Centre was the venue of the launch of A Line of Sight. It was a cold and dreary Thursday evening so we were grateful to all the supporters who decided to brave the elements to celebrate Adrienne Jansen and her work.

Our guest speaker, Michael Keith, delivered an amusing and thoughtful overview of A Line of Sight before introducing Adrienne, who went on to describe the origins of this story. Her speech touched on the surprising number of people who contributed to the finished story – perfectly mimicking how A Line of Sight examines the effects one shooting had not only to one person, but a whole community of people.

Below are some photos from the evening.



Introducing Book Notes for Book Groups

We’re introducing a new initiative called Book Noes – a summary, Q&A, and engaging questions from your book group. We’ll be posting them regularly on our Escalator Press website, so keep a look out!

Exclusive to Escalator Press novel, they will soon be available here.

Unveiling the cover for:

Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder

We are so excited to be able to share the final cover for Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder. The cover was designed by Spencer  Levine who has worked to represent the story and some of its key themes into one image. The colour scheme was chosen to fit with the 1960s era of he book, and the road represent Jackson’s journey – both physical and metaphorical – into adulthood.

Behind The Scenes

“Someone once said publication is a marathon, not a sprint – writing the book is only the beginning. Were these the words of the author or the publisher? Preparing Waitapu for publication has involved months of editing followed by a new wave of writing – an acknowledgements page, bio, author questionnaire, extracts for website and social media, progress emails, and notes for book groups. The publishing team too have worked hard, editing and more editing, selecting typography and the cover design, contracting reviewers, typesetting the first pages, and all while dealing with my annoying queries! But with launch dates and venues confirmed – 5.30pm on October 15 at Waipawa library and 5.30pm on October 21st at Wellington Central library – the finish line is in sight.”
– Helen Waaka

Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder
“Work is progressing well leading up to the launch of Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder on 14 October at 6.30pm at the Wellington Central Library. Copy editing is finished on the manuscript and the exciting cover art has been chosen. The Shark Party author Janet Colson and I will also be doing a series of talks together on the theme of art in novels at Aratoi Gallery Masterton on 31 October, Mahara Gallery in Waikanae on 7 Novemeber, and the Wardini Books in Havelock North on 28 November, with more dates to come throughout the country.”
– Rudy Lopez

A Line of Sight in the limelight

Florian Hardwig, renowned German graphic designer, has chosen the cover of  A Line of Sight to be showcased on his website.’Font In Use’ features excellent design and typefaces. A huge honour for Sarah Maxey, and well-deserved.

Click here to see it on Hardwig’s website.







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