Escalator Authors Get Together

There are as many ways to approach writing as there are authors but all would agree that it is a lonely profession.  No matter who you are, or how you write, you will commune with your muse in a richly populated solitude.  As a result, authors tend to have definite attitudes to interactions with live-in-the-flesh humanity.  Some drink in every drop of life they can until they must retreat to the shadows of their writing caves.  For others it is an awkward and uncomfortable necessity that gets in the way of where they really feel alive.  One thing is certain, when writers get together they share the same way that parents do about their children in ways non-parents would never understand.  Next weekend Escalator Press authors are coming together in what we hope will be a bi-annual gathering to connect and support each other in our lonely but ultimately lovely passion.

Rudy Castañeda López