Listen out for Kate Carty’s novel Run Thomas Run on Radio New Zealand in 2016. The national broadcaster will be serialising the novel for radio audiences, telling the story of Thomas, his wife Esther and their children Ramina and George as they… Continue Reading


‘The weather in Waitapu can be moody too, mimicking the river in its sulkiness. At those unsettled times, the townspeople become edgy. Past wrongs surface, tempers fray, mothers worry and fathers drink more than they should…’ But not all is… Continue Reading


August 7 marked Martyrs Day, when Assyrian Christians worldwide reflected on the huge loss of life during World War I when the Ottoman Turks massacred hundreds of thousands of Assyrians. This genocide forced survivors to flee their millennia-old villages in… Continue Reading


Those who enjoyed the documentary about Peggy Guggenheim in the New Zealand International Film Festival, might be interested in Escalator’s art-themed novels. The Shark Party by Janet Colson, published in 2014, is set in the New York art world; LA… Continue Reading