The Walking Stick Tree


In this remarkable memoir, Trish Harris writes about growing up with acute arthritis – about pain and loss, identity, and living creatively.

With quirky illustrations from Sarah Laing, and challenging essays, this book captures a deeply moving experience of knitting a body and soul together.

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ISBN: 978-0-9941186-4-6




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Also available from Amazon and Kobo, and as an audiobook from The Blind Foundation

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Trish Harris’ ‘house’ has arthritis written all over it, but her true self has expanded beyond its walls to embrace the universe.  In The Walking-Stick Tree Trish has given us a beautifully written memoir that will bring hope to those living with disability, and encouragement to everyone.
– Joy Cowley

Finding a quality New Zealand book on the experience of disability is like finding water in a desert: eagerly consumed and leaving me wanting more.
– Robyn Hunt

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